Difference between Tablet and laptop

The difference between a tablet and laptop is not much when you think about their functionality, considering both of them are computers at the end of the day. The difference between a laptop and a tablet is in the visual appeal.

The display on the tablet can be flipped around, you can hold it like a book. Larger than a mobile phone or a personal digital assistant, the tablet does not have a physical keyboard like in a laptop or netbook. It has an onscreen virtual keyboard or can be operated by a digital pen.

Differences between a tablet and laptop

1. Size: A tablet is smaller than a laptop. But it can be as large as a laptop. However, the modern versions are much smaller and the size is similar to a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)
2. There is no optical drive in a tablet PC.
3. Some models of tablet do not have hard drives, which mean they use memory like a Pen Drive, this means smaller storage capacity as well

Which is better –a tablet or a laptop?

Advantages of a tablet compared to a laptop

1. You can use the tablet in whichever position you want, standing, lying in bed or by using a single hand
2. Tablet without the use of a mouse or keyboard, makes it easy for image manipulation, playing mouse driven games or music.
3. If you are artistically inclined, you can paint digitally or do image editing better with a tablet compared to a laptop thanks to the digital pen.
4. It is also good for drawing diagrams, symbols, noting mathematical information.
5. Light weight, quite portable and is dedicated for certain functions like reading on bed by installing the Amazon Kindle software.
6. For users who like to tap apps, use a stylus or pen to activate a functionality compared to using a keyboard or mouse or touchpad, tablet is better than a laptop.

Advantages of a laptop over tablet

1. Higher price: Though the prices may fall in future like the netbooks and Smartphones did, the cost of the tablet is much higher than a netbook
2. Ergonomics; The user will have to use his hands a lot while writing. There is no room for wrist rest.
3. Input speed is less: Compared to using a mouse or touch-pad, typing on a virtual keypad or handwriting can be quite lower. When you type with a keyboard, one can write as high as 50 to 150 words per minute. However, there are some software like Slideit and Swype that may bridge this gap.
4. Screen break risk: Tablet PCs compared to laptops are handled more. Also their screen serve as input device, so more risk of screen damage or display problems through misuse, impacts and falls.
5. Hinge problem: A convertible tablet has a screen hinge that moves on the strength of two axes. This can increase the risk of electrical and mechanical failures.


what should I buy a tablet or a laptop?

While a tablet have 3G connectivity, a laptop does not have it. Laptop is good for serious computer usage while tablet is more for multimedia, creative work like drawing and playing games. The tablet is also better for eBook reading.


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